The women and girls who escape or survive an assault know, or know something about, who the harassers, rapists, batterers and serial killers are. Survivors also give us insights into how to resist. A better understanding is needed about how acting from one's emotion, voice, persistence, ingenuity and training, but above all the use of multiple active strategies can protect women and girls.

I will be posting information here from news articles.

If you have any articles or insights to add your help would be deeply appreciated!

Woman Tells Of Escape From Alleged Serial Killer

CBC  |  Posted: 06/26/2012 1:14 pm Updated: 06/26/2012 3:44 pm

A Winnipeg woman who claims she was attacked by alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb says she is lucky to be alive — but she's angry that police didn't seem to care when she tipped them off about his violent behaviour.

It was a frigid January night earlier this year when 29-year-old Denise, a sex-trade worker who lived on the streets and sold her body in exchange for crack cocaine, was looking for a warm place to get high.

She knocked at the door of her friend's apartment suite. The friend wasn't home but a neighbour, Shawn Lamb, was. Denise says he invited her inside and they shared some crack that she had just scored.

But he wanted more, said Denise, who didn't want her last name published.

"He was forcing himself on me and I fought him off me and I told him if he don't let me out of this house that I'm going to smash up your house," she said, adding her street survival instincts took over.

"Forget this I'm not going to let this guy do this to me — rape me. I'm not going to let this guy do this because I have been through this so many times on the street and out there I'm a fighter."

She says she fought him off, screaming, kicking, punching, and escaped, running out the door and down the stairs.

Shortly after that she entered a sobriety program, in part because of the disappearance of her friend Carolyn Sinclair, whose body was found near a city dumpster in March.

Like Denise, Sinclair was battling a drug addiction and worked in the sex trade to support her habit.

On Monday, Winnipeg police announced that Lamb, 52, is charged with three counts of second-degree murder in connection to the deaths of women reported missing within the last year.

One of those is Sinclair, who was 25.

The others are Tanya Jane Nepinak, 31, and Lorna Blacksmith, 18.

Lengthy record

Lamb, who is originally from Ontario, has an extensive criminal record extending across four provinces.

Since 1979, he has had 109 convictions in Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Manitoba. In the latter, Lamb has 45 convictions since 2002 for everything from robbery to forgery, fraud, and uttering threats.

Most recently he was charged with sexual assault in May and again this month. When Lamb was picked up on June 21, that was when police say they learned of his alleged connection to the three homicides.

The news of Lamb's arrest angered Denise, who says she has been sober since her January encounter with the alleged serial killer.

After Sinclair's body was found, Denise and others told police about Lamb's violent behavior and their suspicions he could have something to do with missing women cases.

"I had a gut feeling [he might have been involved]. I thought, 'Oh my God.' I was enraged. My stomach was twisted," Denise said.

But police officers just shrugged her off, she said. She never filed a formal complaint with police.

"It made me feel enraged, as if my voice wasn't heard and it wasn't looked upon and other people made reports of him too," she said.

But Denise said she is relieved she did not become another homicide statistic.

"I thank God every day for letting me live, for letting me survive that [encounter]," she said.

Please read this study (attachment below) about reducing sexual assault of women students by taking a series of workshops in women's self defense.

Sexual Assault Resistance Program for University Women
New England Journal of Medicine, 2015

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Dozens of women take to the street in Cairo to demand a "safe Tahrir" (AFP, Ahmed Mahmud)

Egyptian women speak up against sexual violence
By Ines Bel Aiba (AFP)

CAIRO — Egyptian women are speaking up against sexual violence after harrowing tales of mob attacks in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square prompted initiatives to combat the "epidemic."

Surrounded by volunteers to protect them, dozens of women took to the street on Friday to demand a "safe Tahrir," as part of a series of events aimed at raising awareness.

"We want to be treated as citizens, not females," said Rasha Kamel, a 38-year-old gynaeocologist and a protest organiser, as she wrote on a large piece of cardboard "I am like your sister" in a thick black marker.

On Cairo's streets, sexual harrassment of women, regardless of whether or not they wear an Islamic headscarf, is common in the form of obscenities, touching or groping. But an increase in accounts from Tahrir of mob attacks and sexual violence against women have raised the alarm.

On February 11, 2011, as hundreds of thousands were celebrating president Hosni Mubarak's downfall after an 18-day uprising, Lara Logan -- a reporter with US news channel CBS-- was attacked by 200 to 300 men who raped her "with their hands."

Later in November, a French journalist working for public television channel France 3 said she had been violently beaten and sexually assaulted while covering the protests. Caroline Sinz told AFP she was "beaten by a group of youngsters and adults who tore my clothes" and then molested her in a way that "would be considered rape."

The two incidents put a spotlight on sexual assaults in this conservative Muslim country, but failed to trigger any reaction from authorities. On June 2, a young foreign women described her ordeal to Nazra, a Cairo-based women's rights group.

"My pant was pulled down by the many men and they raped me with their dirty fingers ... The men were like lions around a dead piece of meat and their hands were all over my body and under my destroyed clothes," she said.

Several days later, a group of men attacked a women's march against sexual harrassment in Tahrir Square, assaulting several of the protesters. Days later yet again, British journalism student Natasha Smith wrote on her blog that she too had been the victim of a sexual attack in the square.

Many believe that the recurring pattern of the attacks and the fact they often take place in the same part of the massive Tahrir Square point to the fact they are premeditated.

These attacks "are calculated and organised to scare women and chase them away from the public sphere, punishing women for their participation," according to Nazra.

Ahmed Niazy, one of the men who joined Friday's protest in solidarity, believes "the regime, which never fell, uses sexual harrassment to repress freedom of expression." It "believes women are a weakness, and it's a way of putting pressure on us. They have managed to taint the square," Niazy told AFP.

"How many times have I not gone to Tahrir because I don't want to feel hands all over my thighs?" said Nana al-Hariri, 22.

Women have staged protests, formed human chains in main Cairo thoroughfares holding signs against harrassment and conducted online campaigns against what many call an "epidemic." On Friday, they arrived in Tahrir with water pistols, filled with red liquid (mercurochrome) and chilli powder, to defend themselves against any attack and mark the attacker.

Circled by volunteers in fluorescent yellow jackets, the protesters attracted attention, and sometimes derision. "Excuse me, but what exactly is sexual harrassment?" asked one passer-by.

Another tried to trivialise the issue. "It's not that bad, they are adolescents. When they say "sweetheart," it's flattering," he said, to furious looks from some of the protesters.

According to a security official, no arrests have been made in connection with the sexual assaults in the square.

Copyright © 2012 AFP. All rights reserved.

80 Years Old Woman Escapes Rape By Whiskers
By Daniel Edobor, 08/18/2012

An 80 years old woman Madam Mary Omorogieva narrowly escaped being raped in the hand of alleged Fulani man in her farm at Iguobazuwa Ovia South West Local Government Area. In the process of the struggle lost one tooth.

Narrating her ordeal to Weekend observer correspondent at Iguobazuwa she said on that faithful day at about 1pm in the afternoon she went to her farm which is 10 kilometer away from her house to fetch fire wood for domestic cooking, while she was about drawing out one of the firewood from the bunch, she heard a grip from behind her asking her to lay down that he wants to make love and she shouting back saying 'wetin na' and immediately he took the cutlass that was with me fell me down and started pressing my throat and saying that he was going to kill me and fortunately for me he couldn’t get access to my private part and in the process his finger entered my mouth and pressed my teeth to bit his finger and one of my teeth got broken and he rushed and ran away.

Madam Omorogieva said she saw his face and that the person was short and black in complexion and had tribal mark in both cheek of the face suspected that he was a Fulani man stressing that since she was born such a thing had never happened to her and called on the authority to provide adequate protection for their lives and properties adding that most of them farmers are now very apprehensive going alone to farm and considering what has been happening in the community.

When the Weekend observer contacted the divisional police officer Mr. Ehidero in his office, he said the matter has not been officially reported to him but spring into action by sending his men to the victim house and bring her to the station and also sent his men to the scene of the crime committed. Stressing that his men will fish out the culprit, Mr. Ehidero however advised people leaving in the community to always take the police as their friend and to report any crime and any other suspicious character to the police for prompt action.

Also speaking, the newly constituted Iguobazuwa Youth Association (IYA) Chairman Comrade Ojo Osaremen said the matter has not been reported to the youth body saying that the association will start patrolling road leading to various farms in the community adding that such thing will not occur in the community again, he promised to form a viable vigilante team to watch over the community.

Sold by mother, woman escapes prostitution ring
A Selvaraj, TNN Aug 16, 2012, The Times of India

CHENNAI: A 25-year-old woman was rescued at Semmanchery on Tuesday from the custody of an autorickshaw driver to whom she had allegedly been sold by her mother, police said.

However, the woman's mother was let off after being questioned. The auto driver, Ramesh of Neelankarai, was also released after being booked under Section 75 (nuisance) of the Madras City Police Act.

A policeman at the Neelankarai station said, "If the woman who was rescued lodges a complaint against her mother and the auto driver, we will take action."

Preliminary inquiries revealed that Mohana (name changed), whose husband died a few years ago, and her mother, a labourer, lived at Neealankarai and were struggling to make ends meet.

On Tuesday, police said, Mohana's mother invited Ramesh, a resident of the same locality, to her house and asked Mohana to go with him after allegedly collecting Rs 5,000.

Ramesh took her to a house in Semmanchery and left. He had apparently informed some of his friends as, shortly, several men began entering the room one after the other, police said. Seeing so many strangers, a panicked Mohana managed to get out of the room and run onto the street. She spotted a police patrol vehicle and complained to the personnel that an attempt was made to force her into prostitution by her own mother and the auto driver.

Police personnel immediately rushed into the house and nabbed Ramesh. After finding out, during the interrogation, that he had brought the woman from her house in Neelankarai, the patrol wing handed over the auto driver and the woman to the Neelankarai police. Mohana's mother, too, was summoned to the station and questioned before being allowed to go. Ramesh was booked under a minor charge.

When contacted, Neelankarai assistant commissioner of police Uma Sankar said, "I am not aware of the incident. Had a case been registered, the police personnel would have alerted me."

Woman escapes from rapist taxi-driver
By Innis Francis
The Trinidad Express, Aug 15, 2012

A woman had to jump from a moving vehicle on Tuesday after the driver attempted to rape her.

Police said that at around 2.35 a.m the Petit Valley woman got into the front passenger seat of a gold coloured Nissan Cefiro at Chin Chin Junction, Cunupia, and asked to be taken to Curepe.

There was a male passenger in the car.

The woman said that while headed towards Curepe, the driver began molesting her. She asked the driver to drop her off but he continued driving, police said.

On reaching Munroe Road she opened the door and jumped out.

The vehicle sped off.

The woman found help and was treated for minor injuries at the Chaguanas District Hospital.

In an unrelated incident on Sunday, a 54-year-old woman was raped and robbed in Central Trinidad, police said.

The woman told police she was liming at a bar in St Helena with a cousin and a friend, when the suspect, whom she knew, walked in and said he would be the designated driver.

The suspect later dropped off the cousin and friend, but took the woman to an area in St Helena where she was raped and robbed of jewelry valued at $35,000 and $80 cash, police said.

The woman was pushed out of the car, which was later found crashed at Madras Road, Chaguanas.

Toronto Police investigate three sex assaults in half hour in west end
by Ian Robertson ,Toronto Sun, September 07, 2012

TORONTO - Toronto Police and auxiliary officers began a door-to-door canvas Friday evening after a masked man sexually assaulted two women in their Etobicoke homes and tried to break into a third victim’s residence.

The extent of the attacks was not revealed, but the 62-and 70-year-old sex assault victims — who fought him off — weren’t raped, police said.

What makes the attacks so chilling is that all three pre-dawn incidents occurred within 30 minutes, sex crimes unit lead investigator Det.-Const. Jason Rector said.

“It’s not a regular occurrence, where you’re going to have these kinds of incidents in that short a time span,” Rector said.

Also, descriptions the victims provided, plus a surveillance camera image, are similar to a predator who attacked seven women between the ages of 16 and 26 while they walked in the Bloor-Christie Sts. area last month.

Victims described a black man about 5-foot-8, with short black hair, between 17 and 35 years of age.

About 400 people marched Monday to protest those sexual assaults, which occurred over nine days last month.

The latest rampager’s description is similar to that of west-end attacker, but police have not ruled out that different men may be involved.

In addition, the August and September attacks “haven’t been linked by evidence,” Rector cautioned.

The Friday attacker was described as a thin 20-to-25-year-old man with a tanned or darker complexion, who wore dark clothing, a white cloth or white T-shirt over his face and head — with only his eyes exposed.

• The first victim was asleep in her Bloor St. W.-Islington Ave. apartment when he broke in at 3:10 a.m.

• Just 20 minutes later, he fled after a 49-year-old woman spotted him trying to enter her Royal York Rd.-Norseman St. house.

• The oldest victim was awakened and assaulted at 3:40 a.m. in her Royal York Rd.-Queensway area house.

Forensic officers “have gone to all the scenes” seeking evidence, Rector said. The attacks occurred within a couple of kilometres, “but we have nothing to confirm if a vehicle was involved or not.”

In addition to the doorstep police canvassers seeking information, which may continue over the weekend “depending on the results,” Rector said officers will provide tips to help residents make their homes safer.

Victims and anyone with information should contact the Sex Crimes unit,  416-808-7474  or, anonymously, Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Woman escapes Rivervale 'abduction'
Kewdale, WA, Australia
by Aleisha Orr, September 10, 2012

Police are searching for two men who tried to kidnap a woman in Rivervale last night.

The 31-year-old woman got off the train at Peet Park and crossed the road towards Kooyong Road about 7.20pm.

Inspector Neil Blair said a small red vehicle drove past her as she neared Wright Street.

"The occupants yelled out to her, the car turned around and came back and a male got out of the vehicle and spoke to the victim asking her to get into the car," he said.

"She refused and the offender grabbed her by the hair and punched her to the face, trying to pull her towards the vehicle.

"She resisted and a second person got out of the car and punched the victim in the face causing minor facial injuries."

The offenders got in their vehicle and left and the victim went home.

The first offender was described as a dark skinned male, between 17 and 25 years of age, slim build, wearing black jeans and a white shirt.

The second offender was described as a dark skinned male between 25 and 30 years of age, wearing a white cap, red shirt and black pants.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers.

Read more:

'Extremely violent' U.S. man linked to murder of B.C. teenage girl in 1974
Bobby Jack Fowler finally brought to justice after an intended victim leaped from window

By Douglas Quan, Postmedia News, September 25, 2012
Described by authorities as "extremely violent" and "nasty," Bobby Jack Fowler was convicted in Oregon in the 1990s of the kidnap, assault and attempted rape of a woman who hurled her naked body out of a second-storey motel window because she thought he was going to kill her.

Now, the transient construction worker, who died in prison in 2006, has been linked by DNA to the 1974 murder of 16-year-old Colleen Mac-Millen, one of 18 young women who vanished or were murdered while hitchhiking along the so-called High-way of Tears from 1969 to 2006, RCMP officials announced Tuesday. Fowler is also considered a suspect in the deaths of two other young B.C. women, though police do not have DNA matches in those cases.

Authorities in Oregon have also pegged Fowler as a suspect in the 1992 murders of two women aged 17 and 19 and the 1995 homicides of two 16-year-old girls in that state.

RCMP officials said they got their break when they submitted evidence from MacMillen's case for DNA analysis. At first they got no matches, but when they resubmitted samples earlier this year to Interpol, which has access to foreign databases, they got word that there had been a match in Oregon.

Fowler is known to have worked in the Prince George area in 1974 for a roofing company, police said. He frequently travelled from state to state and across the border doing labour work and other odd jobs, living out of motels and driving beat-up cars until they quit.

He also racked up a long criminal record with convictions in several U.S. states for attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, sexual assault, arson, kidnapping, attempting sexual assault and firearms offences.

His most recent conviction, in 1996, was related to the vicious attack on a 35-year-old woman he had met at an Oregon bar.

According to court records obtained by Postmedia News, Fowler approached the woman while she played on a poker machine and convinced her to join him for dinner and a trip to the casino in Lincoln City.

They stopped at a motel where Fowler was staying so she could take a shower. At one point, Fowler told the woman that he believed women liked to be spanked and raped, according to the records. When she disagreed, he became agitated.

"I could tell he was p---ed off that I wasn't buying his ideas on women and what they wanted," the woman testified in court.

Fowler punched the woman several times in the face and screamed that he would break her jaw if she kept yelling.

"I remember being dizzy. And I remember - I remember him hitting me. And I don't know. It was like all of a sudden I had no clothes on.

"I will never forget in my whole life the look in this man's eyes. And he said to me, 'I think I'll put you in the ocean. Yeah, I'll put - I'm - I'm going to put you in the ocean.' " Fowler grabbed a rope and put it around her neck and repeatedly punched her in the back of the neck. She tried to escape out the door but he pulled her back with the rope.

Finally, she bit him and she leaped out an open window with the rope tied around an ankle. A man below broke her fall.

Fowler was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Adamant that he had been wrongfully convicted, he filed multiple appeals.

In 2004, while serving time at the Snake River Correctional Institution, Fowler filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court that his civil rights had been violated because "all elements of the kidnap charge was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt." He named the state, the trial judge and his defence lawyer as defendants and sought $3 million in compensation.

Fowler died at Oregon State Penitentiary in May 2006 due to late-stage lung cancer. He was 66.

Rob Bovett, the district attorney in Lincoln County, Ore., said Tuesday by phone that his office now suspects Fowler's involvement in the deaths of Jennifer Esson and Kara Leas, both 16, who were last seen in January 1995 walking in the middle of the night toward a highway. Their bodies were found the following month in a wooded area north of Newport, Ore.

Fowler is also a suspect in the deaths of Sheila Swanson, 19, and Melissa Sanders, 17, whose bodies were discovered in a wooded area near Eddyville, Ore. in 1992.

"That's a fair characterization - he was a violent, nasty person," Bovett said.
© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

Read more:

There were women who got away from the murderer, women who came forward when Jill was missing:

RIP Jill Meagher: but let’s not forget the other female victims of violence
6 October 2012

People march through Brunswick in Melbourne after the murder of Jill Meagher. AAP

The outpouring of emotion for murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher was intense and genuine. But why don’t we see similar displays for all female victims of violence? In Melbourne, an estimated 30,000 people walked along Sydney Road Brunswick in what was presented as a “peace march” to honour the life of…
Author Julie Stephens

The outpouring of emotion for murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher was intense and genuine. But why don’t we see similar displays for all female victims of violence?

In Melbourne, an estimated 30,000 people walked along Sydney Road Brunswick in what was presented as a “peace march” to honour the life of Jill Meagher, the victim of a horrific rape and murder. According to the organiser Philip Werner, the aim was to show support for “peace, hope, non-violence and solidarity with all women”.

While this was a remarkable event in many ways, notable for its scale, diversity and unprompted display of public grief, it was also a thoroughly depoliticised occasion, rendering ineffective any claim to genuinely challenge violence against women. It was a peace march with little reference, except in the most abstract sense, to the nature of the war it was opposing.

If violence against women is about power and domination and structural gender inequalities, then media representations of this recent murder have done a good job of disguising this fact. In a determined but understandable effort to avoid victim blaming, the social context of such crimes have been sadly overlooked. Variously depicted as “random” and an “extremely rare event”, or as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, gendered violence has been delinked from the social and cultural conditions that produce it.

To be fair, many participants on the “peace march” expressed unease about the confused messages here. Some felt that if it could happen to someone like Jill Meagher, then it could happen to them or to their daughters. Much discussion focussed on Melbourne being a very safe city for women. Yet, Victorian police statistics show a steady annual increase in reported rapes in recent years, including an 11.8 per cent increase in 2010-2011.

Melbourne is also a major international destination for women trafficked into sex slavery, according to a recent University of Queensland study. How can these legitimate personal concerns for women’s safety be reconciled with the wider social context of violence against women?

Would those marching in Melbourne on Sunday have been happy to extend their “solidarity with all women” and move to protest in front of the brothels in Richmond or South Melbourne that have been implicated in female trafficking? One assumes not, even though 30,000 people descending on these businesses could possibly have closed them down.

To others marching, this murder was interpreted as an affront to a celebrated unfettered individualism. Young women asserted their right to do anything they wanted to and to dress in any way they liked. This idea is one of the most dominant features of market individualism. The neo-liberal market promises that the self is a freely choosing agent, autonomous and unconstrained by social conditions.

Needless to say, this promise is illusory. In groups like Slutwalk which also aim to tackle the question of violence against women, this mainstream market ideology is writ large. Note for example placards at the Melbourne Slutwalk last year which read “If Madonna Can Wear It, So Can I.”

Language is important here. Yesterday, I was asked why I so strongly reject Slutwalk as a movement when I attended so many Reclaim the Night rallies in the past. The two are not the same. One taps into and celebrates the pornification of culture and the other does not. It is notable that in the “peace march” on Sunday, any reference to Slutwalk was significantly downplayed. Unlike the right to safety, the right to dress like Madonna is not in my view, a human right. Perhaps the recent ghastly events have stripped away many of our neo-liberal illusions.

We are left then with the difficult task of trying to rethink the way violence against women is represented, challenged and opposed. There used to be an overarching systemic concept that did this and it was called “patriarchy”. However, this concept is now considered somehow outmoded. Yet, threats to women’s safety are as ever-present, as they always have been. Any new conceptualisation would need to link patterns of gendered violence with so-called “random” events and also include the violence against less visible women, trafficked to cities like Melbourne.

Woman escapes after being kidnapped in Winter Park; Sketch released
Orange County, Fla. —

Winter Park police are putting out warnings to women, as they work to figure out whether one man is behind two attacks on women.

A gunman who kidnapped a woman outside her workplace in Winter Park early Thursday morning.

The victim was on the phone with her husband at the time of the abduction, and he quickly called 911.

Theresa Bradley, 55, called her  husband as she arrived at work on Lee Road, because of a previous abduction attempt in the area about two weeks ago.  

The husband told police he heard his wife scream and then the line went dead.

"She just got out of her car and started screaming. Now there's no answer on her phone. Could you get an officer right away?" the woman's husband told 911 dispatchers.

Police said the armed man came from behind, grabbed Bradley’s neck and forced her into her passenger seat.

Police said the attacker had Bradley stop her car, and he took her money and other belongings. Stopping again, the man got out, which is when Bradley got into the driver’s seat and took off.

"That's scary, because i'm at least down here at least twice a week, so that's scary," said resident Judith Philip.

Bradley described the gunman to police, who then made a composite sketch. She said he was about 25 years old and stood 6 feet tall, with big, brown eyes and a a 1-inch afro.

The assailant was also wearing tan suede shoes that were unlaced.

Winter Park police have not confirmed whether the latest abduction might be connected to the previous attempt at nearby Timken Radiology.

In that incident, the woman had just gotten to work when a man punched her in the face, forced her into her car and then made her withdraw money from an ATM, officials said.

On Thursday night, women in the area said they were ready to take police up on their offers to escort them to their cars.

Woman escapes sex assault in Whistler Village
CTV British Columbia, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012

Mounties are searching for a suspect after a woman narrowly escaped a sexual assault in Whistler Village early Thursday morning.

Sgt. Rob Knapton said the woman was walking home from a nightclub at around 2 a.m. when she was attacked.

“While walking on a short path in the area of Whistler Way and Village Gate she encountered a male who grabbed her and pulled her into a ditch,” Knapton said in a release.

The man tried to sexually assault the victim, but she was able to fight back and break free.

Mounties said they were able to seize several pieces of evidence from the scene with help from a police dog, but they have yet to identify a suspect.

The suspect is described as a South Asian man, roughly six feet tall with a medium build. The suspect was wearing a khaki jacket, possibly a hoodie and may have sustained scratches or bruises from when the victim fought back.

Anyone with information can contact the Whistler RCMP detachment at  604-932-3044  or Crime Stoppers at  1-800-222-TIPS .

Read more:

Police: Woman escapes attempted kidnapping in Salem, suspect arrested
Reported by: KOIN Local 6 staff, 10/26 2012

SALEM, Ore. -- Salem police have arrested a man who allegedly convinced a woman to get into his van, drove her to a remote area and then attempted to sexually assault her this past Sunday before she escaped.

Randy F. Fleming, 50, is in custody on charges of kidnapping, attempted rape, robbery and second-degree assault.

According to Salem police, on Oct. 21, Fleming allegedly approached the woman as she was walking down a South Salem street, and convinced her to get into his white Dodge Caravan. Police believe he then drove her to a remote area outside Salem and tried to sexually assault her. They say she was able to get away by jumping out of the van while it was moving.

Authorities did not disclose when or where Fleming was arrested.

Fleming may have approached other females with the vehicle, Salem police report. Photos of the suspect van have been released, but detectives are not releasing pictures of Fleming at this time because they believe it could compromise the investigation.

Anyone who believes they were approached by Fleming, or saw his van, should contact Salem police detectives at  503-540-2462 .

Oct. 27 2012| by:

KIRTLAND, NM – A young Navajo girl comes face to face with a gruesome kidnapper, a man who threaten to kill her while she tried to run from him 6 times. According to the San Juan County Sheriff office, LT. Brice Current said on Thursday a young Native American girl escaped her kidnapper, after he took her before eyewitnesses with his company truck, a White Lower Valley Water Users Association pickup from Kirtland.

Authorities said, Deputy Michael Carey was dispatched to a ‘domestic situation or a possible kidnapping’ in the Kirtland area around 4 on that fateful Thursday Lt. Current said, “he received information that a black male later identified as Micah Griffin threw a female later identified as Stephaney Yazzie into a white Lower Valley Water Users Association pickup and drove off.  The Special Enforcement Team was in the area and coincidentally, they were on their way to contact Micah Griffin in reference to possible distribution of marijuana.” he said.

Deputies say a ten year old girl witnessed the incident and said Micah Griffin grabbed Stephaney Yazzie and threw her into a white pickup. The father of that ten year also tried to stop the man from driving off, but the driver sped off before he could get there.

Witnesses in the area said they heard yelling coming from outside and also saw Micah grab Stephaney and put her into the truck.  He told another person about it and that person went outside to intervene.  Another witness started taking pictures with his phone.  They said that Micah took off at a high rate of speed and one of the witnesses ran to their vehicle and tried to chase him, but the bystanders could not keep up.

Later, the Sheriff’s helicopter was able to locate the pickup traveling down a desolate oil field road, “The helicopter indicated that the vehicle stopped and the driver exited and put his hands up in the air.  The helicopter landed and apprehended the suspect and Stephaney ran to the air unit crying and scared.” said LT. Current.

Stephaney told deputies, she tried to escape 5 or 6 times and Micah would catch her and bring her back to the pickup. She said that Micah threatened to kill her and she was frightened.  She also said the reason she was not with Micah when they arrived is because she tried to run away and as he was chasing her, he heard the helicopter and ran back to his vehicle and sped off.

Deputy Sanchez and Johnston of the Special Enforcement Team were able to return back to Micah Griffin’s residence where they located just under a pound of marijuana and distribution material.

Micah was arrested and charged with 1st degree kidnapping, aggravated assault, domestic battery, and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. The Navajo Post called the water company in Kirtland, but no one was available for an official comment.

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