Remembrance is Prevention

Over the past thirty years, we have witnessed across Canada the birth of hundreds of women’s memorials, from marches to monuments, as well as thousands of yearly vigils in memory of women and girls who are missing or have been murdered.

The Remember Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE) website carries this legacy online and around the world to deepen their impact on public consciousness.

The murder of women and girls is one of the harshest realities of our time. Remembering can be painful - but forgetting hurts us more.

Memorials and vigils combine with a wide range of other violence prevention strategies to form the heart of an interactive website. Our hope is to inspire us all to remember our sisters everywhere, and to enact a vital living strategy to prevent violence.

Through the forums on the site we explore and generate ways to prevent violence and challenge those attitudes that operate at the deepest levels of society, and which lead to violence against women.

By remembering our sisters everywhere
we work together to prevent violence.

Members are invited to participate in immediate acts of resistance and prevention, as well as exchange ideas, information and post events. ROSE is a destination for those seeking activities and support materials to use in violence prevention work in schools and communities.

Please join us.

In Sisterhood,

Lindsay Setzer & Christine McDowell,
on behalf of the ROSE Advisory Committee

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In the beginning, Remember Our Sisters Everywhere, ROSE, was developed by a dedicated group of women with the assistance of the National Film Board of Canada.

ROSE then carried on to find a home as a project of the Richmond Women's Resource Centre.

Violence Prevention List

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