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In the beginning, Remember Our Sisters Everywhere, ROSE, was developed by a dedicated group of women with the assistance of the National Film Board of Canada.

ROSE then carried on to find a home as a project of the Richmond Women's Resource Centre.

Dear Friend,

Please support the Remember Our Sisters Everywhere online activist community.
The purpose of the ROSE website project is to prevent violence and encourage local and international communities to remember and value the women we have lost to violence. The website is like a virtual version of the many women’s memorials that have sprung up across Canada. It is an activist, artistic and cultural approach to counteracting the systemic denial of violence against women in our society.
In Canada alone, over two hundred women and girls are murdered each year, and many more are missing. Around the world, the numbers are vast and often not recorded. With your help, we can make these tragic losses visible and motivate people to stop the violence. These women are not statistics; they are dearly loved mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and grandmothers who are sorely missed by their families and friends. The website is a tool to raise consciousness about the devastating effects of violence against women. It features information on violence prevention, presenting ways for the average person to empower themselves and their loved ones.
Thanks to people joining ROSE, the website grows as members author their own content, add photos, events and videos, and engage in dialogue with activists around the world.
Currently we require only about $700 a year to keep the website online and active. Additional funds will contribute to the creation of an interactive project on women's stories of resistance. In the future we also wish to employ translation services to better reach an international audience, hire staff to publicize and run the project, and more. We hope to someday hire a programmer to create an online memorial and other website features to facilitate greater participation for visitors to the site.
Together, we offer ideas and support to those looking for ways to acknowledge and prevent the murder of women in their own communities. Please support the ROSE community as we foster violence prevention while mentoring new memorial-makers around the world.
Financial support from individuals like you – a tax-deductable donation of $10, $25, $50, or a $100 – is needed to help move this project forward.
Join us - memorial-makers, violence prevention activists, and like-minded citizens around the globe - to make this new approach to stopping the violence accessible to everyone in the wired world. Please be generous and respond today.

Yours sincerely,

Lindsay Setzer & Christine McDowell

On behalf of Remember Our Sisters Everywhere


Donate through the Richmond Women's Resource Centre website:


Then, select the Fund/Designation down arrow and select "ROSE".

Make cheques payable to: RWRC - ROSE project

Mail cheques to:
Richmond Women's Resource Centre
110 - 7000 Minoru Blvd.
Richmond, BC
Canada V6Y 3Z5

For more information:

On behalf of Remember Our Sisters Everywhere, thank you for your generous support.

Violence Prevention List

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