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Stop war in Ukraine:
This is unacceptable madness. The very idea that we must go back to a war in Europe is a real madness.
All those in charge of the European Union and international politics are called to act with determination to stop the crisis in Ukraine from leading to a new war that would have devastating consequences for the whole world. It would be a very dangerous historical regression....
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We can't abandon Ukraine's stolen children
To governments across the world:
As citizens and parents around the world, we are horrified that thousands of Ukrainian children are being taken by Putin and his officials for re-education and adoption in Russia...
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Iran: End the Brutal Crackdown!
To world governments:
We call on you to help stop the brutal crackdown against women, children and peaceful protesters in Iran. Help free those unlawfully detained, stop the death sentences, and set up an independent UN mechanism to investigate and end impunity for grave crimes in Iran. Global pressure works and must include targeted sanctions on Iranian officials and institutions responsible for the violence and human rights violations.
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“Women, Life, Freedom!” Protect the Protest in Iran
Amnesty International
“Please be our voice… We are standing firm in the streets. We are risking our lives on the street [protesting], please please stand up for us.” Protester from Esfahan, Iran
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Iran: Stop Using the Death Penalty Against Protesters
Middle East Matters
Islamic Republic authorities have detained tens of thousands of protesters during recent anti-government demonstrations that sparked after the killing of Mahsa Zhina Amini in police custody for having an “improper” hijab. Since September 16, Iranians across the country have been protesting against the government. Authorities have responded with a violent and deadly crackdown. Thousands have faced arbitrary detention and torture. ...
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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and women’s rights advocates Zarqa Yaftali and Shaharzad Akbar just called on leaders to urgently get millions of Afghan girls back in school. Let’s all join them — sign the open letter now:
To the Taliban and leaders around the world:
"One month ago, the Taliban shut school gates for millions of Afghan girls — robbing them of not just an education but also their futures.
Afghanistan is now the only country in the world that forbids girls’ education. Leaders everywhere must take urgent, decisive action to get every Afghan girl back in school…
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Protect the freedom and safety of Afghan women and girls
The lives and freedoms of women and girls are in the balance as the Taliban takes power in Afghanistan. Under Taliban rules, women and girls are banned from studying, working, showing their skin in public, accessing healthcare, being involved in politics or speaking publicly. Sexual violence and forced marriage to Taliban fighters is common. …
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Finland Stands with the Women of Iran
We call on Finnish leaders in the government and society to publicly stand with the people of Iran...
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