Domestic violence campaigner gets death threats over femicide map

Domestic violence campaigner gets death threats over femicide map
By Emily McPherson, Jul 26, 2018

Domestic violence campaigner gets death threats over femicide map

The interactive tool maps out Australia's heartbreaking domestic violence history.

The founder of the Red Heart Campaign, Sherele Moody, has been hit with death threats after launching a powerful interactive map highlighting more than 1000 Australian women and children who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

“‘Burn in hell you dog b---h’ is the message a man just left on my mobile. Because I made a map!” Ms Moody wrote in a post on Facebook.

The telephone death threats and the man’s mobile had been reported to Sunshine Coast police, a spokesperson for the Red Heart campaign told

Some of the faces of women and children included in the map, who have lost their lives to violence.

Ms Moody wrote that she had no intention of stopping her work on the Australian Femicide Map, which was launched last Friday.

“We will not be removing the map and we will continue adding victims to it. The angry men brigade will not win this fight,” she said in the post.

The group had been the target of threats by men before, a Red Heart Campaign spokesperson said.

The map is the work of Sherele Moody, Red Heart Campaign's founder, who has received death threats.

“Women who actively lobby to end violence generally do get inundated with male trolls. That’s just par for the course.”

“But we were really surprised about the vile response to the femicide map. As well as the mobile threats, we have just been inundated with blokes really angry that we are not mapping murders of men by women,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s been pretty horrid. For the first 48 hours it was really intense.”

More than 1050 cases are marked on the Australian Femicide Map with a pink heart next their location, and the organisation is not done with the compelling tool yet.

Ms Moody, a journalist who spent two years compiling the map in her own time, expects to add at least 1000 more pins on the map in the months ahead.

Jennifer Edwards and Jack Edwards were were shot dead by their father in their West Pennant Hills home.

Among the victims highlighted on the map are Sydney siblings Jennifer Edwards, 13, and Jack Edwards, 15 — who were shot dead by their estranged father in their West Pennant Hills home earlier this month.

Also included is Michelle Petersen, 48, and her children Bella, 15 and Rua, 8, who were murdered in their Perth home last week.

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