In 2017 in Europe 184 people died as victims of terrorism, 3000 females died as victims of femicide.”

So it says on a 3 metre long, mobile billboard which will be driving through London's streets on the 8th March, International Women's Day between 10AM and 6PM. If you see the van please tweet a picture to Lidia, one of our incredible activist artists, and tag @FiLiA_charity too

To date, no EU Member State has incorporated a definition of femicide into their criminal law, but a common European definition of terrorism has been established since 2002 in a landmark framework decision which obliged the Member States to align their national legislations, including the implementation of preventative measures.

In light of the severity of this sociocultural phenomenon we urge the European countries to change their legal framework or at least to incorporate a definition of 'femicide' into their criminal laws.

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