Rising Across the Democratic Republic of Congo

"The rising was a call for a revolution against the exploitation of women in society, labor places, schools, churches, etc. It was a call for unity so as to prevent patriarchy from winning. It was a call for action to stop oppression, exploitation, and discrimination of women. The day was a day to start a new journey of solidarity on which selflessness and sacrifice should characterize risers."


March 17th, 2017 was the third rising that City of Joy organized since February 2017 after the rising with over 120 secondary school pupils and hundreds of parishioners who stood and rose against patriarchy and exploitation of women and girls and who understood the meaning of solidarity for women. The rising of this year reached national level. In Kinshasa the rising was organized by an activist, Marie Omba, and Matumaini Center. Matumaini center is a center for children which ensures education and training of young girls and ensures their schooling to reduce teen pregnancies and increases literacy for women. It is also a center which empowers women through professional training.


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