Some of the benefits of the Nordic Model for prostitution

Instead of being an encounter based on mutuality, prostitution is one-sided. He pays precisely because she doesn’t want to have sex with him. She’s doing it because she needs the money.

But it’s a real life encounter. He acts it out in the most intimate way possible on her body. This lays down neurological pathways in his brain. The more he does it, the stronger those pathways get – until the point comes where one-sided sex seems completely normal. And because she appears to consent even while everything in her might be screaming she doesn’t want it, he learns to ignore the signals when someone doesn’t reciprocate his desire, and he comes to think it’s unreasonable if a woman doesn’t let him have his own way.

The implications of this for all women and girls are chilling.…/fact-buying-sex-makes-men-mor…/

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