Hard House, A
Chris McDowell/Jacquetta Gosling
24 min. 1991

Teaching a young woman to be assertive can dramatically reduce the likelihood of her becoming a victim of sexual assault. In her SAFETEEN training program for teenage girls, Anita Roberts uses the analogy of a burglar about to commit a break-in, walking down the street looking for a likely prospect -- it's always the easy target, not the "hard house" that is chosen.

In her self-defence program and assertiveness training, Roberts uses creative role-playing to demonstrate effective methods for using voice and body language to deter potential offenders. Interspersed with scenes from her workshop are vignettes of young women telling their own stories about how they unwittingly found themselves potential victims and what they did to get out of some tricky situations.

A Hard House provides guidance on how to recognize possibly dangerous situations and deal with them in an assertive manner. The SAFETEEN workshop featured in the video has been implemented by both the Vancouver School Board and the Norwegian school system.

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