The Women That Got Away takes place sometimes on the street, sometimes in women's homes, where women tell their stories of being attacked and getting away. Gathered together in a television studio, three women's self defense instructors respond to these stories and in turn share their knowledge and skills on how to get away when confronted by an attacker.

It was created to encourage the proliferation of women's self defense and assertiveness training, and to hopefully help women and girls escape the on-going male violence prevalent in Canada and around the world.

The Women That Got Away is a student production produced in 1990 at Capilano College and aired on Knowledge Network for a number of years.
42 min.
Copyright: Christine McDowell, writer/director.
Special thanks to the women in the film who so generously gave their stories and expertise. And to my many wonderful classmates who created the show with me with such talent, dedication, and heart.

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