Toute Fine & Sam Mb - La Rue. (Court Métrage)

In the video, two women from the collective, Zoulikha Tahar, alias Toute Fine, and Samia Manel, alias Sam MB — the former choosing to wear a headscarf, and the latter who doesn’t — act out what it is like for them to move through the streets of Oran on a daily basis. They describe what is essentially an obstacle course when they go out in public, as they try to avoid insistent stares, inappropriate comments and even being touched up.

The poem begins (translated from the French):

"I try to make myself small so they leave me alone,
Sometimes, I get depressed and I stay at home.
Some say that we’re making too big of a deal.
But come live a day as a woman,
You’ll see if we’re making it up or if it’s real."

Composition et réalisation par : Toute Fine & Sam MB Liens : Toute fine : Sam MB :

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